Safe school in the school year 2022/23

What will the start of school look like in 2022/23?

Regular testing is recommended for schools during the first week of school:
Students should arrive at school on the first day of school already tested, if available preferably by PCR testing. In addition, antigen testing - also on a voluntary basis - will take place in schools on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of the first week of school.

For the second week of school, all students who wish to do so will receive three antigen tests for use at home, so they can test themselves on Sunday evening or Monday morning, for example.

Antigen tests will be available at school sites for short-term testing needed at schools during the 2022/23 school year.

In general, restrictions in schools should be reduced to an absolute minimum and be in line with regulations in other areas of life. The framework for all Corona measures applicable in Austria is provided by the Federal Government's Variant Management Plan.

The scenarios relevant to the school sector are summarized in the circular "Safe School - School Operations in the 2022/23 School Year" (available at bmbwf.gv.at/sichereschule).

Important: The best protection against severe COVID-19 is and remains vaccination. Only those who have been vaccinated three times have a basic immunization and are thus well protected against severe COVID-19 disease. This also applies to those who have recovered. Check your vaccination status now using the vaccination schedule and make sure you have all recommended partial vaccinations.

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