End of crisis mode - start of normal operation

The pandemic goes, the virus stays, and the country is now transitioning from crisis mode to "life with Corona" in an orderly fashion.

According to the ECDC, the WHO and numerous experts, the current Corona situation is not expected to worsen significantly or to overburden the health care system. The main reason given for this is the high immunity of the population: 75 percent of people in Austria have received at least one Corona vaccination, and many have also already experienced at least one Corona infection.

Corona will stay.

COVID-19 is here to stay, though. We will have to live with it for the long term. Therefore, Corona vaccinations, tests and COVID-19 medications will be fully integrated into the regular structures of the Austrian healthcare system by June 30, 2023.

As of April 30, 2023.

As of April 30, the mask requirement in hospitals, doctors' offices, nursing homes and homes for the elderly will end.
The risk group regulation also remains in effect until the end of April. It allowed people to be excused from duty who cannot work in a home office and for whom there is no option for protection in the workplace.

Effective June 30, 2023.

Remaining Corona crisis measures, such as traffic restrictions, will end June 30, 2023, at which time Corona illness will no longer be reportable Corona vaccination and COVID-19 medications will remain free. Testing will also continue to be available at no cost to people who are symptomatic.

Corona vaccination still recommended.

The evolution of the pandemic allows for an end to crisis measures in the coming months, as many other countries are planning to do. The reason for this is that we have achieved a high level of immunity in Austria, mainly thanks to the Corona vaccination. Regular booster of the Corona vaccination is therefore still recommended.

Here you can find out when a booster of the Corona vaccination is recommended:

Click here for vaccination and counseling services in your province:

The full press release on the federal government's roadmap for ending the pandemic is available here: Government plans end of Corona crisis measures with June 30 | Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Long-Term Care and Consumer Protection (BMSGPK), 01.02.2023 (ots.at)

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