New variant vaccine available from Moderna

The portfolio of COVID vaccines has been expanded to include another bivalent variant vaccine. Since mid-January 2023, "Spikevax bivalent Original/ Omicron BA.4-5" from Moderna has been available at vaccination sites throughout Austria. The National Immunization Panel (NIG) recommends, among other vaccines, the Moderna vaccine for completion of basic immunization or booster vaccination of persons 30 years of age and older.

Consult your health care provider or pharmacy for advice on Corona vaccination and the best vaccine for you. Alternatively, the AGES Coronavirus Infoline is available 24/7 with general information on vaccination, infection protection, and COVID-19 symptoms at 0800 555 621.

In addition, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) website more information on all vaccines.

On the website of the Ministry of Health you will find the Impfplan Österreich 2023 with the current recommendations.

Hereyou can find out about Vaccination and counseling services in your province.

new variant vaccine #GemeinsamGeimpft

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