Impfungen in Betrieben

As has already been successfully carried out on several occasions, companies operating throughout Austria once again have the opportunity to offer Corona vaccinations at their plants or external facilities. In order to keep Corona-related absences in the company to a minimum, it is recommended that employees be fully vaccinated. This means that the basic vaccinations (consisting of three partial vaccinations) should be completed. A booster vaccination should then be administered at intervals of four to six months, in accordance with the NIG recommendations. Bivalent vaccines are now available for booster vaccination.

COVID-19 vaccines can still be obtained through the BMSGPK and the additional personnel costs incurred during vaccination will be reimbursed as before. Additional vaccination opportunities for SMEs, organizations and associations will be organized through the provinces.

All information from the Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection on company vaccination can be downloaded here. Detailed technical information on Corona vaccination, in particular the recommendations of the National Immunization Panel (NIG) can be found here.

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