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First of all, the Corona vaccine costs nothing, is quick to administer and is very well tolerated. It has been proven to protect against severe COVID-19 courses, hospitalization and long-term sequelae such as Long COVID.

Throughout Austria, you can get your personal vaccination appointment quickly and easily. The first point of contact are usually general practitioners and vaccination centers.

Appointments with general practitioners are made directly by the doctor's office. Some practices also offer special vaccination consultations. It is best to call your doctor's office in advance for more information.

In vaccination centers, vaccination appointments are usually made online or by telephone. This is also quick and uncomplicated. For those who decide at short notice, vaccination is also possible without an appointment. All offers for Corona vaccination in your state and further information can be found here.

This is how the vaccination works.

The procedure for Corona vaccination is organized similarly throughout Austria. In general, you will be guided through the vaccination appointment in these Steps:

1. Registration: Ideally, have your e-card or ID ready for identity verification and your vaccination card to document your Corona vaccination. If you do not have an immunization record, you will receive a replacement certificate. If available, please also bring your allergy passport for Corona immunization.

2. Information: You will receive informational materials, which you should ideally already bring with you to your appointment (educational note sheet, medical history and consent forms). However, the information materials can also be read and completed at your leisure on site at the immunization appointment.

**If you have any questions, for example about the risks or possible side effects of the Corona vaccination, you can ask them during the medical consultation. Individual needs and concerns will be addressed during the one-on-one consultation.

4th Vaccination: Medical health personnel will administer the vaccination and document it in the vaccination record or on the replacement certificate. Usually, after the vaccination, you will also receive the so-called vaccination certificate, on which there is a QR code. Alternatively, you can also have the certificate issued subsequently at the pharmacy.

5. follow-up: Immediately after the vaccination, you should stay for about 15 minutes in a waiting area under the supervision of medical professionals.

Click here for your personal vaccination appointment.

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