GECKO Lab - Does Paxlovid work for Long COVID?

One of the great medical challenges of the coming years will be to develop effective therapies for people affected by Long COVID. Research into this is in full swing. One of the hopefuls is the COVID-19 drug Paxlovid.

Strictly speaking, Long COVID is not a single disease, but an umbrella term for several problems that a corona infection can leave in different parts of the body. What plays a role in many cases is so-called persistent virus. This means that the virus manages to find a protected niche in the body where it can persist for a long time without being completely removed by the immune system.

This is where drugs could come in. Recently, it was shown that the chance of developing Long COVID was reduced by about a quarter in people who were taking the COVID-19 drug Paxlovid at the onset of corona infection.

Why is that? And what exactly is this Paxlovid?
Molecular biologist Martin Moder explains in this video.


Long COVID less common with initial paxlovide use:
Clinical trial tests paxlovide against long COVID:

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