Fall phase of the COVID information campaign

The focus of the current campaign phase includes doctors, pharmacists, teachers, executives from a wide range of business sectors, and volunteers in fire departments and youth groups. Along with them, the campaign aims at an increase in the density of information and the range of advice available. The doctor, pharmacist and teacher from the first TV-spot and on the subjects - which are visible nationwide as of today - are not models or actors, but people who actually practice these professions.

The aim of the campaign is to encourage people to complete their basic immunization or get a booster shot. It is intended to reach older people in particular, whose risk of contracting a serious disease is significantly higher. The second target group is adolescents and young adults. In these age groups, the vaccination coverage rate is still comparatively low.

In fall, 4.5 million reminder letters will be sent to all people whose last vaccination was at least six months ago. Furthermore, all schools in Austria will be offered the possibility of having an information evening, and customers in all Austrian pharmacies will receive ongoing personal advice on COVID 19 vaccines. Information material for the campaign is also actively distributed in pharmacies and doctors' practices, among other places.

The website has also been redesigned and additional features are being added on an ongoing basis.

You can see the first spot here:


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