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Should I get the booster vaccination (4th vaccination)?

Should I get the booster vaccination (4th vaccination)?
The 4th vaccination has been recommended since August 31 for all persons aged 12 years and older with an appropriate interval from the last vaccination from four to six months after completion of basic immunization (3rd vaccination), depending on age. For children aged 5 to 11 years, basic immunization consisting of three vaccinations should be completed no later than the start of school. No booster vaccination is currently recommended in this age group.

After recovery, the next vaccination can be given according to the recommended vaccination intervals, but no later than four to six months.


Why is the Corona vaccination important?

The COVID-19 vaccine is an important and necessary measure. At the individual level, it verifiably minimizes the risk of severe COVID-19 or even death. As a result, it reduces the number of COVID-19-related hospitalizations, protects against long-term sequelae such as Long COVID, and helps mitigate the impact of the pandemic.


How well is one protected by the COVID-19 vaccination?

Corona vaccination has been shown to reduce the risk of severe COVID-19 or death. While with the currently prevalent Omicron variant, infection can only be partially prevented by the COVID-19 vaccination, a COVID-19 disease is usually much milder in vaccinated individuals.

The effectiveness depends on various factors: On the one hand, the virus variant and, on the other hand, individual factors such as age, previous illnesses, number of corona vaccinations previously received, interval to the last vaccination and possible infections with the coronavirus.


Why do vaccinated persons also get infected with COVID-19?

The immunization is not effective immediately upon vaccination, but must first be built up and is not present in 100 percent of the vaccinated persons. If a COVID-19 disease occurs despite vaccination, it is usually much milder and complications and deaths are avoided.


Can vaccination reactions and side effects occur due to COVID-19 vaccination?

As after any vaccination, vaccination reactions may occur - e.g. a painful local reaction on the arm, headache, fatigue or fever are common. If such mild reactions occur in the days after vaccination, it is no cause for concern. These reactions show that the immune system is responding and beginning to build up protection against the Corona virus. If you are unsure about any suspected side effects, please contact your doctor. Three days of physical rest is recommended after the vaccination, as well as refraining from exercising for one week.


What is the procedure for a vaccination appointment?

You can get the Corona vaccination at doctors' practices, vaccination centers and other locations. If available, please bring your vaccination certificate(s), e-Card and allergy card, if applicable. However, you can get vaccinated without a vaccination certificate or e-Card.

You will receive all medical information on site. You will be able to ask questions and your health condition will be carefully considered before the vaccination.

After your vaccination, please wait at least 15 minutes on site. You will receive your vaccination certificate right on the spot or online, depending on the organization.

Vaccination against COVID-19 is free for everyone.


Do you have more questions?

Talk to your health care provider/doctor about COVID-19 and the vaccination against it. If you have any questions about the efficacy and safety of the Corona vaccine, you can also contact the experts on the Coronavirus Infoline at any time.

+43 800 555 621

Protect yourself and the ones around you.

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